We make
Medicare simple

A self-guided learning and connection platform designed to make your Medicare journey easy and stress-free.
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How it works
It's simple, it's personal, it's safe.
It's simple
We use plain english and pictures. We ask the questions you should be thinking about.
It's personal
Not everyone's lifestyle and financial situation is the same. Discover what makes sense for you.
It's safe
Ignore the call centers, mailers, and TV ads. Learn at your own pace and connect with a Medicare advisor of your choice when you are ready. Oh by the way, we aren't selling anything.
Find an expert to address any additional questions you have and help you enroll into a plan.
medicaresimple is offered through trusted partners, like employers or advisors, to naturally meet most people when they reach Medicare age. medicaresimple aims to:
Enhance employee and client engagement with bite-sized, interactive content that is easy to understand.
Provide a digital experience with a personal touch rather than an overworked PDF, with dynamic content that reflects the user's actual life situation.
Minimize administrative burden with an online platform that has the answers to the most common questions.
Save time by enabling your people to educate themselves, at their own pace.
Deliver potential cost savings by helping your people make informed decisions about their health care, and encouraging them to take advantage of the benefits available to them.
Create peace of mind with the confidence they need to make the right decision and an agent they can trust to help them.
"With so many plans and options to review, many seniors find the process of comparing and selecting plans overwhelming and look for ways to simplify the task."
- The Kaiser Family Foundation
If you have employees or clients nearing 65 years of age or older, please reach out.